NEWS 2017

Year 2017

What a successful 2017 with full of memories:


Cruft Juniorhandling Final 2017 - represent Austria

Slovakian Juniorhandling Champion

several 1.places and podest places



FCI Dog Dance World Championship 2017 - represent Austria

Dogdance Freestyle class 3

several Dogdance class wins

podest places in Dogdance, Agility

Trickdog Show


(Borderline Country Solitaire)

International Champion

Hungarian Champion

Croatian Champion

Slovakian Champion

Victory Winner

Slovakian Winner

Several CAC, CACIB, BOB wins



Obedience training video


Austrian Champion of Champions

Austrian Champion of Champions
2nd place at Austrian Champion of Champions!!!
With only one 1 vote he was beaten in the final round from 5 allround judges.
He won all four rounds before with all votes!


Video: Border Collie Sido | 3 & 4 years


Happy birthday Sido!

FCI Dog Dance World Championship


World Dog Show Leipzig (GER) 2017

08.- 12.11.2017


FCI Dog Dance World Championship

It was such a big honor to represent our country Austria at the Dog Dance World Championship!

As youngest and only individual starter we got the 38. place in class Freestyle. Sido did a great job and was really motivated. 

We saw many beautiful routines and dogs and met a lot of friends. Big thanks to Carmen who did a great job for this fantastic organisated Dogdance World Championship! And also big thanks to Team Germany and Switzerland for your nice support!

It was an unforgettable event.

Sido's progeny at IDS Prag


IDS Prague


Sido's son

Eliot Foxy Fox: ex. 2, rCAC/5

(Borderline Country Solitaire x Xsara Foxy Fox)

5. Haslauer Dogdance Turnier

5. Haslauer Dogdance Competition
Sido: - Freestyle class 3 (3)
our first start in class 3!
Pic: Sido - Rose - Amy - Justy
pic by amyaussie

Trickdog Show at Inform Oberwart



30.8 - 3.9. 2017

Inform Oberwart


We had the honor to do our Trickdog-Show on the Inform Oberwart for five days


Trickdog-Show by Sido & Pernilla every day on the Inform Oberwart in Hall 1 at 3pm or 4pm

4 summer night shows Split

4 summer night shows Split
Sido (Borderline Country Solitaire)
Day 1, CAC Show: ex1., CAC
judge: Olga Kupryanova Šinko, SI
Day 2, CACIB Show: ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & shortlisted in Group 1!
judge: Jadranka Smojver Selimović, HR
Day 3, CAC Show: ex. 1, CAC 
judge: Darko Drobnjak, RS
fulfilled the conditions for the
Day 4, CACIB Show: ex. 1, CAC, rCACIB
judge: Frank Kane, UK

CACIB Szekesfehervar (HU)

10. - 11.06.2017
CACIB Szekesfehervar
Borderline Country Solitaire "Sido"
day 1: ex 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!
day 2: ex 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB!
- champion class
Juniorhandling 2. place
Sido fulfilled the conditions for the HUNGARIAN CHAMPION!

ASCA Agility competition


ASCA Agility competition



+3. place+ - regular round 1 (34 starters) + qualifying score - regular round 2 (36 starters) + qualifying score

8. place - gambler (21 starters)

Sido on the move video


Sido (Borderline Country Solitaire) on the move

IHA Wieselburg (A)

IHA Wieselburg
qualified for the final
1. place - AK 2 &
with my boy Sido
Whippet - ex. 1, JCACA

Clubshow Hartberg (A)





Clubshow Hartberg


Sido (Borderline Country Solitaire)

is now angekört until 2019!



Sido (Borderline Country Solitaire) got a clear eye-update!

IHA Salzburg (A)

IHA Wieselburg
Whippet: vp - puppy class
Greyhound: V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Juniorhandling: qualified dor the final & 4. place with a Whippet puppy
Juniorhandling: qualified for the final & 3. place with Sido

IDS Bratislava (SK)

01. - 02.04.2017
IDS Bratislava
Whippet: 2x vp 1, shortlisted best puppy female & 3. Best puppy female - puppy class
2x V2, rCAC - open class

Crufts 2017 (GB)

08. - 12.03.2017
Crufts 2017
Back home from Crufts!
🇦🇹 I represented Austria at the International Juniorhandling at Crufts 2017 🇬🇧
The feeling is amazing in the ring and the show is sooo big! I have the honour to handle a 14 months old Border Collie and a Samojede ❤. 
A big dream came true and I'm so grateful to represent my own country!
Big thank you to Junge Hundefreunde Austria & PURE Naturfutter GmbH for the support!

IDS Bratislava (SK)


Victory Show (Champion of Champion)

judge: Jančík Leoš, CZ


Borderline Country Solitaire

Sido - 1 ex., CAC & Victory Winner - champion class



NDS Bratislava

judge: Matyáš Jaroslav, SK 

Border Collies entered: 13


Borderline Country Solitaire

Sido - ex. 1, CAC, Slovakian Winner & BOS - champion class 




Whippet: ex. 1, CAC, Slovakian Winner, BOB!



Open Slovak Championship in JH 

I got the first place and I'm now 

+++SLOVAK CHAMPION IN Juniorhandling+++


IDS Budapest (HU)


IDS Budapest (Winter Show)


judge: Harsanyi Peter, HU

Border Collies entered: 24


Borderline Country Solitaire

Sido - ex. 1, CAC - open class(3)


judge: Kotlar Robert, HU

Border Collies entered: 24


Borderline Country Solitaire

Sido - ex. 2, rCAC - open class

IDS Nitra (SK)

 14. & 15.01.2017

IDS Nitra


+++ 1. place +++ - Freestyle class 2 (5)

our first Dogdance start in 2017 

Thank you for the nice organized competition

Sido (Borderline Country Solitaire)

Day 1: ex 2, rCAC - open dogs (4) - judge: Vojteková Iveta, SK

Day 2: ex 2, rCAC - open dogs (3) - judge: Janek Jana, SK

Pernilla Sonnleitner

3100 St.Pölten