About me

I'm a 22 year old student from Austria. Since my childhood I have lived with animals, my biggest dream was to get my own dog. With 13 years Sido came into my life and as he is a big part of it, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

From that moment we have taken part in many different kinds of dog sports and celebrate a lot of victories. We travelled to many different countries, often as the youngest competitors on the competition.

I live with my sister and my parents at a little farm, outside a small city in Lower Austria. After school I love to take photos and edit them on the computer afterwards. Traveling is also a big hobby. I love to visit special places and to meet new people. 


In my free time, I'm often taking photos of my dog, nature, friends or animals. Especially Sido is my main model and he already knows how to be a good model. With time I improved my camera and computer skills and I'm getting better and better. 


It all started in 2014...

After I showed Sido for the first times I wanted to get better in handling. Sido's breeder told me about Juniorhandling and I wanted to try it out. At the IDS Wieselburg'14 I started for my first time in Juniorhandling and I got the 4. place from 15 starters. This was the begin of my Juniorhandling career. Since them I reached a lot of success and started on many dog shows at Juniorhandling and got better and better. I also learned to handle different breeds. Now I'm slowly turning to 18 and this will be the end about my JH career and my start to become a proffesional handler. In early 2020 I became then a Juniorhandling judge.



Collie - BOB

Rusky Toy - BOB

Greyhound - CACIB & BOB

Whippet - BOB, 3. Puppy BIS

Schnauzer - rCACIB

Border Collie - BOB, BIG

Sheltie - BOB

Chinese Crested - CACIB

Afghan Hound


Portuguese Water Dog

Australien Shepherd

White Shepherd

French Bulldog

Border Terrier




Vize Vize Best european Trickdog 

start at the FCI Dog Dance World Championship

Start at the European Championship in Dogdance

start at the National Championship in Breitensport



> Slovak Champion in Juniorhandling

> Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2016 Juniorhandling (=BISS JH)
> Int. Juniorhandling finals Crufts 2017 -  represent Austria 

> 3. & 5. place at 4 summer night Shows Split Juniorhandling (>50 competitors)
> 3. place Juniorhandler of the year - Austria

32x - qualified for the finals

1x - Day win

7x - 1. place
8x - 2. place
12x - 3. place
2x - 4. place
4x - 5. place

Pernilla Sonnleitner

3100 St.Pölten