Borderline Country Solitaire


 BH, BgH 1

Dogdance 1, 2 & 3

Multi BOB Winner 

Best In Group

Austrian Champion

Slovakian Champion

Hungarian Champion

Croatian Champion

Croation Veteran Champion

Austrian Veteran Champion

res. Veteran World Winner'2024

2nd at Austrian Champion of Champions

Vice Austrian Show Winner 2020/21

Vice Vice Best european Trickdog 

FCI Dog Dance World Championship'17

Austrian Team Member OEC'16

Multi Dogdance class winner

4th TOP Border Collie 2017 (ÖCBH)

Vice European Veteran Winner'21

res. Veteran BEST IN SHOW Split 2021 

Veteran BEST IN SHOW Salzburg 2023

Victory Winner, Slovakian Winner

Split Veteran Winner'21

Veteran Alpenwinner'21

Veteran Alpenwinner'23

Veteran Bundessieger'23

Veteran Danube Winner'23


Carinthian Winner

Winner Nitra 2016

Split Winner 

angekört until 2019


 DOB: 13.11.2012 

black/white  dog 

might carries ee red & blue


owner: Pernilla Sonnleitner 

breeder: Heidi Poschacher 


CEA/TNS/CL DNA tested clear

IGS/MDR1/GG/Raine Syndrome DNA tested clear

Gonioscopy unaffected

clear eye update (15,16,17,18,7'2019)

full, correct crissor bite

size: 50cm


hipscore A

elbows 0/0

shoulders 0/0 

Sido is available for STUD 


Dogdance: Freestyle class 3, Trickdogging, work on sheep, Obedience, Agility

Mantrailing, FH, Breitensport, Bikejöring, Dogdiving, Discdogging


European Dogdancing Championship (OEC) 2016, place 25 (Team Austria)

FCI Dog Dance World Championship 2017 - represent Austria

Vice Vice Best european Trickdog (

Multi Dogdance class winner

knows more than 100 tricks

working for the HWT & trail class 1

BH, BgH1 (excellent)

1. place & podest places in Discdogging, Trickdogging, Breitensport, Dogdance, Agility...

also many podest places at Juniorhandling with me and other kids





Best In Group

CIE - International Champion

2nd at Austrian Champion of Champions‘17

Vice Austrian Show Winner 2020/21

Austrian Champion

Slovakian Champion

Hungarian Champion

Croation Champion

Croatian Veteran Champion

Austrian Veteran Champion

3x shortlisted in Group 1

Carinthian Winner

Winner Nitra 2016

Victory Winner

Slovakian Winner

Split Veteran Winner'21

Alpen Veteranwinner'21

Alpen Veteranwinner'23

Veteran Bundessieger'23

Veteran Danube Winner'23


Split Winner


Res. Veteran World Winner'24

Vice European Veteran Winner'21

Veteran BEST IN SHOW Salzburg 2023

Res Veteran BEST IN SHOW Split 2021 


4th TOP Border Collie 2017 (ÖCBH)

shortlisted unter the TOP dogs in champion class - EDS'19

Multi BOB Winner

Multi CACIB Winner

Multi CAC Winner

*Cruftsqualified for life* 

angekört until 2019


Candidate for Ch Slovenia




He is a mentally strong, balanced and very happy dog. A little clown who is doing everything to make people laugh. He loves the contact with people and kids (he also started successful in Juniorhandling with a lot of kids) and he is social to animals and dogs. He is the perfect family dog and is never stressed out at home or other places. There is no problem to involve him in every situation because he is well-behaved and friendly. Whatever I work with him, he always gives his best. Sido is very focused, motivated, calm and has an excellent will to please. In Agility he is very fast and quit because he would never bark in any situation. After work he also loves to enjoy the day at home. He has very good working abilities in Dogdance, Agility, Obedience, work on sheep, Frisbee and dogtricks. To work with him or to try something new makes a lot of fun with him because he is always open to learn something new.


more pictures from Sido's progeny, click here


Borderline Country Solitaire..

x Pristine Astral Flare (3/2) - (NOR, 2021)

x Loth Ardens Afterdark Silhouettes (3/2) - (HR, 2020)

x Borderline Country High Tide (3/2) - (AUT, 2020)

x Borderline Country Uponadream (1/3) - (AUT, 2020)

x Broadmeadows Edge of Glory (4/4) - (DE, 2020)

x Reginetta z Arkadyjskiej Zagrody Anety (3/2) - (PL, 2019)

x Iskra Black Red White (7/0) - (PL, 2019)

x Aurely the cosmic sunray from peerlessborder (4/3) - (GER, 2019) 

x Violet Valley Amethyst Breeze (2/2) - (GER)

x Windrift Dare to Dream (3/2) - (PL)

x Foxy Fox Xsara (7/3) - (CZ)


Currently, Sido has sired over 70 healthy puppies. They are family dogs and also many are active in agility, rescue dog, obedience, hiking,… and some where successfully shown on dog shows. It’s possible to ship semen; he shown a really good quality when his sperms were examined with the age of 8 years.


more pictures under gallery or on my Facebook album 




Multi CH

Borderline Country O'Connor



CIE, Multi JCH & CH

Borderline Country Justinboots


CH Waveney Caught In Time  CH Tookurra Catch A Star
 CH Waveney Midnyt Impressn


Borderline Country Extacy


 CH Madeleys Time Challenger
 CIE, CH Borderline Country XDream

Borderline Country Korall

ee red

Multi CH & JCH

Hotnote Good News


 Minimabah Lustrous
 CH Luvstock Andromeda

Aut CH

Holtee Take Ito The Limit


 Beäugeln One For Theroad
 Korella Krystal Fire

Multi JCH

Borderline Country Libertina



Aust CH

Danari De Beers


CH Tookurra Catch A Star  CH Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
 CH Tookurra Believe N Magic
Danari Diamante  CH Monochrome Currencycreek
 Minimbah Lunar Rose

VWW'13, CIE, Multi CH

Borderline Country Xdream


CIB, Fin CH, Nordic Winner

Maccabee Blue Peter

 CH Trumagik Tartan Scott
CH Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream


Borderline Country Twilight


WW, Multi CH, Crufts Winner Borderfame Heart N'Soul

 Aut CH, VDH CH, Bundessiegerin

Liontheart Anya At Borderline

Pernilla Sonnleitner

3100 St.Pölten